The SAM Project


The SAM Project (Sustainability through Agriculture and Micro-Enterprises) is a secular, non-political organization that enables sustainable solutions to local needs, using available resources, community oversight and the mechanisms of the Zambian market economy.

The goal of the SAM Project is to facilitate local enterprise in communities in Southern Zambia who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. The SAM Project links communities to the resources and skills necessary to engage in small-scale economic activities, such as gardening, egg production and beekeeping. The crops are raised and sold at local markets in order to provide cash for individuals, families, and community groups. The enterprises, once established, become locally sustainable and are not dependent on external donations.

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2014 Highlights:
Goats help to diversify in the face of drought and frost

  • Lumbemba Cooperative members are recovering from drought and frost of the past two years
  • Boer goats have arrive from South Africa to form nucleus of a region-wide breed improvement program: Larger, healthier, disease-resistant herds!
  • Visiting pediatricians and nurses aid our nutrition, clean water and child mortality reduction program

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Sustainable Projects
We use local resources and skills rather than depending on imported inputs and 1st world methods.
Repayable Loans
Participants are committed to the success of their enterprises while their families rise out of poverty.